The Many
First appearance: issue 3
Profile: artificial beings who can take the form of a woman, they can multiply incredibly fast and are able to use Drylon technology

The Talos
First appearance: issue 13
Profile: the robotic army of Hephaestus. Completely indestructible thanks to their shell composed of neutral matter

Old Man Vor
First appearance: issue 24
Profile: Kari’s mentor on planet Myridia. A former Demeter high ranking minister, he’s trained her all her life to one day dethrone the goddess

Talas Khanos
First appearance: issue 26
Profile: former Oracle of Demeter. A brilliant geneticist, sadist and opportunist, he’s shown himself to be one of Noriko’s most persistent foes

Elytra Elater
First appearance: issue 45
Profile: a Lampyrian, leader of the space pirates known as the Hunters

First appearance: issue 63
Profile: the robotic mistress of Hephaestus

Black Knight
First appearance: issue 91
Profile: the highest ranking officer of the Empire of Shadows and Leiko’s right hand man

First appearance: issue 22
Profile: the highest ranking servants of the gods. They each receive a specific power from their deity (such as telekinesis or teleportation) at the cost of total obedience

Alexer Syzar
First appearance: issue 125 (name only) / issue 126 (first appereance)
Profile: an incredibly rich politician in the galactic community whose interests often interact with the Vanguard




First appearance: “Hearts and Minds” storyline
Also known as: Mortal Alliance, Mortal Republic
Profile: the on-again, off-again assembly of th various mortal organizations that oppose the divine rule. Going through several iterations, broadly speaking it includes at least X organizations in addition to the Vanguard:

Mortal Liberation Front
First appearance: issue 47 (flashback)
Profile: galaxy-wide terrorist organization with the goal of complete extermination of gods and the liberation of all mortals from their rule.
Their operatives usually operate in the dark, however a few key names are known:
Ulysses – supposedly the organization’s founder (first appeareance: issue 131)
Lysia – a Lampyrian possessing the Infinity Key, a device that let her access Drylon technology (first appeareance: issue 93)
Zenon – supposedly second in command to Ulysses (first appeareance: issue 163)

Blue Rose
First appearance: issue 134
Profile:a secret organization of Lampyrians, working mainly as spies
Known affilates: Alexer Syzar, his daughter Elyla

The Empire of Shadows
First appearance: issue 68
Profile: terrorist organization secretly founded by Leiko Tanaka. Mostly composed by artificially created humans.
Known affiliates: Leiko Tanaka, Black Knight

Hunter pirates
Also known as: space pirates
First appearance: issue 49
Profile: officially serving Artemis, they enjoy complete freedom in her sector. Ruthless and completely self-serving.
Known affilates: Elytra Elater, Aura

Talos Collective
Also known as: Hephaestus Collective
First appearance: issue 61
Profile: the sum of the hive minded robots serving Hephaestus
Known affilates: Galatea

The Guild
First appearance: issue 108
Profile: a criminal organization in the Dionysus sector
Known affiliates:

  • The Scribe: self-proclaimed smartest mortal in the galaxy, a scientific genius with a flair for the dramatic and a very dark past (first appereance: issue 118 in name only, issue 120 proper)
  • The Mist: a very resourceful hand-to-hand fighter. Behind his white mask there’s more than meets the eye (first appereance: issue 108)
  • Scarab: a woman with a Drylon device that grants her total control over earth, rock and sand, and which is probably making her insane (first appereance: issue 116)
  • Naiad: a demigoddess with power over water and an inferiority complex (first appereance: issue 116)
  • Winter King: obsessed by honor and with a penchant for talking about himself in the third person, wears the Winter Armor designed by Hephaestus granting him physics-defying control over coldness and ice (first appereance: issue 118)

The Church of Null
First appearance: issue 113
Profile: worshippers of Noriko Null following the revolution on Myridia
Known affiliates: Supreme Pontiff Ganos Lal



The Drylon
First appearance: issue 1 (named)
Profile: Alien race extinct for the last five billion years. Impossibly advanced technology, their disappearance is the greatest mystery of the universe. They were probably ####### insane.

First appearance: issue 45
Profile: blue humanoid birds who can survive in space and breed very rapidly. They are all female and extremely aggressive

First appearance: issue 28
Profile: offpring of the many, many sexual encounters between Zeus and the Harpies. They are all female, exceptionally beautiful, with blue skin and bat-like wings. They age extremely fast, very rarely living beyond 2 years

First appearance: issue 24 (unnamed)
Profile: the galaxy’s most reclusive race, considered just a myth in many words

First appearance: issue 154
Profile: half-human half-snake, known to be relatively common in Poseidon’s galaxy


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