First appearance: issue 12 (as Two East River Place) / issue 17 (as Null Tower)
Profile: headquarters of the Vanguard and Null Technologies. Serves as Noriko’s home and main laboratory. Completely automated and self-sufficient, it’s both the most secure and the most dangerous place on the planet

First appearance: issue 2
Ruling god: disputed
Profile: ruled by Kronos in ancient times, it was considered under Vesta’s rule during her exile from Olympus. Isolated by the rest of the galaxy by Drylon technology, its location is a well-kept secret even among gods

OLYMPIAN GALAXY (a.k.a. the Milky Way to Earth astronomers)
First appearance: issue 2 (Earth)
Ruling god: Zeus (officially) / various gods (de facto)
Profile: while recognizing Zeus as their leader, various gods rule the galaxy under a feudal system with a wide variety of systems: from the democracy of Athena to the theocracy of Demeter, from the anarchy of Artemis to the robotic dystopia of Hephaestus. In total, the Olympian Galaxy includes at least 7.000 inhabited planets.

MYRIDIA (a.k.a. Castor to Earth astronomers)
First appearance: issue 22
Ruling god: Demeter (previously) / Hermes (previously) / disputed (as of issue 140)
Profile: located 50 light-years from Earth. Ruled by Demeter for centuries. Houses a Drylon artifact that gives its population the power to duplicate at will

First appearance: issue 61
Ruling god: Hephaestus
Profile: located 2300 light-years from Earth. Built on the surface of a neutron star, serves as the headquarters of Hephaestus

First appearance: issue 80
Ruling god: Hephaestus (previously) / disputed (as of issue 140)
Profile: located 30 light-years from Earth. A multicultural planet with freedom of worship almost unheard of in the Olympian Galaxy

First appearance: issue 90
Ruling god: Aphrodite
Profile: located 950 light-years from Earth. A planet-wide brothel of galactic fame.

First appearance: none as of issue 108
Ruling god: Poseidon

UNDERWORLD (a.k.a. the Triangulum Galaxy to Earth astronomers)
First appearance: issue 54  (named)
Ruling god: Hades

First appearance: issue 85
Profile: a parallel dimension filled with energy, accidentally discovered by Noriko

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