The girl with silver eyes

Chapter 1: The girl with silver eyes
Issues 1 to 9

Ordinary girl Noriko receives superhuman intelligence by the goddess Athena. She recruits the goddess Vesta who’s been hiding on Earth for the past two thousand years and unwillingly helps Max Black become the super-hero Quantum. They fight a humanoid biological weapon on the Moon.


The goddess and the fanboy

Chapter 2: The robot, the goddess and the fanboy
Issues 10 to 18

Noriko founds her technological empire and the team called the Vanguard. They will have to fight the Talos, an unstoppable robot sent by Hephaestus to conquer the planet.



Chapter 3: Myridian saga
Issues 19 to 34

Noriko, Vesta and Quantum end up on planet Myridia, where people have the power to create duplicates of themselves. They will have to fight the fanatical Oracles, the sadistic Talas Khanos and liberate the planet from the tyrannical rule of the goddess Demeter. Luckily, Myridian girl Kari Zel and mysterious alien Torn will join the Vanguard to help.



Chapter 4: How Null began
Issues 35 to 48

Returning to Earth, Noriko discovers her mother Leiko has stolen her company. She will have to take it back, while discovering the unsettling truth behind her birth and the schemes of the Mortal Liberation Front


Chapter 5: Space summit
Issues 49 to 57

Demeter’s death by the hands of a mortal wreaks havoc in the galactic balance of power. The gods go to trial to decide the fate of Earth and Myridia, with Noriko and the Vanguard caught in the middle. First appearances of Artemis, Hermes, Persephone and Hekate



Chapter 6: Darker night
Issues 58 to 63

One of Noriko’s experiments goes wrong and threatens to destroy New York, while the gods prepare for war



Chapter 7: The Empire strikes first
Issues 64 to 75

Noriko faces the consequences of her experiment, while an organization called the Empire of Shadows uses her technology to launch the largest terrorist attack in history. First appearances of Eris and Todd Slate



Chapter 8: Abyss saga
Issues 76 to 99

Noriko’s body is taken over by her evil personality, Abyss. She will have to defeat her without using her super-intelligence, while the rest of the Vanguard will find themselves stranded in space. Meanwhile Artemis attacks Earth when there’s no one left to stop her. First apperance of Hephaestus.



Chapter 9: The Vulcan war
Issues 100 to 106

Still recovering from the Abyss battle, the Vanguard will have to fight Hephaestus on his headquarters: a military base built on the surface of a neutron star.



Chapter 10: The Guild
Issues 107 to 123

Noriko is attacked by a mysterious organization and has to investigate their motives, going back to Myridia to find out that things are more complicated than she expected.


hearts and minds

Chapter 11: Hearts and minds
Issues 124 to 143

A showdown between the forces of Hermes and Diana kickstarts, a revolution that will influence the destiny of the entire Olympian Galaxy, the
return of every single faction ever met by the Vanguard, and Noriko’s life will go through a major change.


road to hell

Chapter 12: Road to Hell
Issues 144 to 160

Torn’s past returns to haunt him, and the entire Vanguard will have to go to Hell to help him out.



Chapter 13: Eclipse
Issues 161 to 174

While the various factions of the Alliance are divided among themselves, two new goddesses make their move: Selene and Tyche. Their motives couldn’t be more different. Meanwhile on Earth, Leiko plots her next move with an unexpected ally.



Chapter 14: Battle for the Heart Of The Universe
Issues 175 to 194

The Guild reaches Earth, and their confrontation with the Vanguard will bring a massive change in Null’s relationship with her mother.


Chapter 15: Search for the Dragon Tomb
Issues 195 to 222

The Vanguard meets the Nine Gods, the supreme deities that rule the cosmos from the Throne Of The Universe. In a desperate attempt to save the mortals, Null will have to search for the lost Dragon Tomb and to face new enemies… no matter the cost for her team and for her personal life.



Chapter 16: Until Gods do us part
Issues 223 to 237

Ilithyia and Phobos scheme to gain profit from the new galactic order, Noriko struggles to find balance in her life, and Kari returns to Myridia to take a decision that will alter her future forever.


Chapter 17: Endless winter
Issues 238 to …



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