What is this?
Beyond The Impossible is a web series blending science fiction, mythology and super-powers. Think of it like a webcomic without pictures.
We started on April 7th 2013 at the now defunct www.beyondtheimpossible.net

How often does it update?
Each Sunday without fail.

That’s a lot of issues. What’s going on?
See the page “The story so far” for a very brief summary of previous chapters. Careful, there’s spoilers in there!

How long is each story?
Early issues may vary, but starting around issue 10 each issue is invariably 3 pages long

What’s the setting?
The series starts in modern day New York but grows to incorporates science fiction, mythology, super-heroes and more. See the “Places” page for more information.

Mythology? So it’s both science fiction and fantasy?
Yes and no. The science is loose enough to allow stuff that doesn’t make much sense if it’s fun to read, but magic doesn’t exist in the BTI universe. Gods are real, though, and they’re not just sufficiently advanced aliens.

If gods are real in this universe, does it mean…
I’m not touching that. Yet.

The name
No, the series doesn’t have anything to do with Gurren Lagann. The name comes from TV Tropes (which, confusingly enough, does take the expression from Gurren Lagann).

What does Chapter 1 have to do with anything?
Keep reading.

How old is everyone?
At the start of the series Noriko is 18, Kari is 25, Max is 27, Bob and Leiko are 34. Torn is 138 but his age always needs to be divided by 4. Vesta is about a million years old but will always look between 25 and 30. As of issue 76, everyone is one year older.

The author
Beyond The Impossible created and written by Fabio Furlanetto.
If you can read Italian, you can find a lot of my stuff at Marvel IT

You can me write at ffurla82@yahoo.com

The site
www.beyondtheimpossible.org created with WordPress and Comic Easel.
Main page drawing by Kodama Creative
Public Domain images from Public Domain Vectors and Open Clip Art
Logo designed by Fabio Furlanetto, drawn and colored by Andrea Garagiola.
Editing by Michele Miglionico

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