One of the major points of Beyond The Impossible is the existance of gods. Despite sharing the names, they may differ significantly from their mythological counterparts.
The Milky Way galaxy is populated by thousands of planets under their absolute rule, but Earth has been completely cut off from their domain for the last few thousand years. While not exactly magical in nature, gods have vast mind-over-matter powers.

The known universe is ruled by the Nine Gods, the leaders of the three existing pantheons: Greek, Egyptian and Sumerian.




While not exactly Greek (they are far older than any known civilization), they have inspired Greek and sometimes Roman myths.
Most of the Milky Way galaxy, which they call the Olympian Galaxy, is ruled by Zeus and his family.
Rule over the rest of the local universe is shared with his brothers Poseidon and Hades.




Known to reside outside of the Olympian Galaxy, they are older than the Greek gods and have fought them in several occasions.

Currently ruled by Ra, Isis and Nephthys.






The oldest generation of gods, even older than the Egyptians. They ruled the Milky Way several millions years ago, having left behind a few abandoned planets.

Currently ruled by Marduk, Inanna and Ereshkigal